Kat Bryan is a Vancouver-based singer songwriter and producer. Raised in folk festivals and choirs around BC, Kat came into her own when she discovered electronic production. Inspired by innovative artists like Nils Frahm, Sigur Ros, Imogen Heap and Halsey, Kat blends her warm and soulful roots with vibrant and lush electronic instrumentation to skirt the edge of both electronic and pop genres. Dripping with emotion, Kat Bryan has a passionate and timeless voice that has been compared to Doris Day and Ilene Woods. The vintage vibes are balanced by bold, deep and dark production featuring innovative percussion, ethereal background vocals and synths, and sparkling piano.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Kat has lived in Canada her whole life. She has trained in guitar, piano and voice, and has a history of singing and performing with choirs and had a stint as a folk artist performing at festivals. Since the beginning of 2020, Kat has taught herself to record and produce music developing an identifiable beautifully dark sound.