“An arch gothic eye over the absurdity of existence to a crisp and swinging folk-trip-hop rhythm”

Joe Muggs – “The Best Electronic Music on Bandcamp: June 2022″

“The Best Electronic Music on Bandcamp: June 2022”. Read the full review here.

“Hypnotic” – Top of the Radar (via Twitter, June 3, 2022)

“Mesmeric, electro dark, brooding indie wonder” – A1M Records (Twitter, May 26 2022)

“Haunting, atmospheric concoction of dark bass synths, spine-tingling vocals. It could almost be a gothic Bond theme” – LemonFire Brigade (via Twitter, May 23 2022)

June sees the release of Circus of the Living, the debut release for AnalogueTrash. The track comes in advance of a new album due for release later this year.

“The entire song is built around that initial tape warp synth effect heard in the intro. It runs through the whole song creating a sense of foreboding. I was obsessed from the minute I heard it and the song emerged really quickly. It is about the very strange days we are living in, and how we’re all just accepting that this is what we’re doing now and ignoring how strange it really all is. It’s what humans do to survive, but in that moment, I was just aware of how bizarre it all was.

“The bass is literally the crunchiest, most distorted, nastiest sounding bass plug-in I could find. This was another element that I wanted to be huge and heavy and dark. That bass together with the whiny horn sound in the chorus really creates an atmosphere of things being not quite right.

“The backing vocals were essential and representative of what I affectionately call my ‘ghost choir.’ Throughout my songs I keep going back to this chorus of haunted harmonies, as if my backup singers are all spirits from another realm who just wanted to hang out with me for a bit. I am a bit of a goth at heart, so I like things that are full of ghosts.”

The digital single also features an exclusive remix by legendary producer David Harrow. David is known for his work with the likes of Anne Clark, Andrew Weatherall, and Lee “Scratch” Perry, alongside his solo output as Technova, James Hardway, Magnetic, and under his own name. 

Circus of the Living was officially released on the 3rd of June 2022 via AnalogueTrash and is available to stream and download on all major digital services, including Bandcamp. The yet untitled album is slated for release this autumn.