Music for the End of the World

The creative rebirth that lead to Music for the End of the World was set into motion by a number of factors, one of which was the life-changing effects of Covid-19. Music production had become a
focus for me during the early days of the pandemic when like many, the daily work routine changed suddenly and dramatically. It was around this time that I started to shift my previously folk-oriented sound into something more akin to soulful electronica with a subtle gothic flavour.

When I started writing the songs that would become Music for the End of the World the
world outside was in chaos and the world inside my head was equally chaotic. We were about six
months into the pandemic and a lot of people, myself included, were beginning to question their lives
and the world around them.

I was also a couple of years into a massive journey of self-discovery and healing from a traumatic
experience, so it truly felt like some version of the world was ending. Whether it was a global,
physical ending of the world, or just the life I thought I knew, wasn’t clear. Either way, there was a
profound change in me that comes through in the lyrics of each song. Most can be interpreted both
as the collective experience of living through a global pandemic, as well as an intensely personal
crossroads, and both would be accurate.

I’ve been a dark soul most of my life with a greater sympathy for the villain than for the hero in
most cases. This darkness is heard throughout Music for the End of the World with
early reviews accurately describing the singles as ‘brooding,’ ‘atmospheric,’ ‘haunting’ and ‘gothic.’
With deeply emotional lyrics and a sonic palette of watery synths, cloudy pianos, deep and dark bass,
and driving drums, this album is me.

Praise for “Music for the End of the World and it’s singles”

“This is music that makes you FEEL something. Whether it’s the desolate feeling of the ABSENCE of something, or an actual something, I’ll leave that up to you all as individuals, but the point remains the same – Kat’s rockin’ with evocative, thought-provoking lyricism, textural atmospheres, and remarkable vocals.” – Sleeping Bag Studios

“An arch gothic eye over the absurdity of existence to a crisp and swinging folk-trip-hop rhythm” June 30, 2022 – The Best Electronic Music on Bandcamp: June 2022 (Joe Muggs)

“Mesmeric, electro dark, brooding indie wonder” – A1M Records (Twitter, May 26 2022)

“Haunting, atmospheric concoction of dark bass synths, spine-tingling vocals. It could almost be a gothic Bond theme” – LemonFire Brigade (via Twitter, May 23 2022)

Watch the official music video for the 3rd album single “Centre of the Earth”

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