Kat Bryan is a professional artist with experience in singing, songwriting, performing and producing music. For any business inquiries please contact Kat at katbryanmusic@gmail.com.

Music for Film and TV

With a musical style that is cinematic, often epic and always emotional, Kat Bryan’s original compositions create atmosphere, add emotion and ground your visual media. As the 100% rights holder, I am able to edit my original songs to suit your project, or create new songs that are similar in style to source material. In this playlist you will find examples of my tracks edited to fit existing trailers and scenes from released films. Please note these are examples only, meant as demonstration materials and I have no ownership of the film clips shown.

Rates: Please contact Kat at katbryanmusic@gmail.com to discuss rates and timelines.

Session Singing

I am a professional singer of over 20 years with experience in choral, pop, folk and jazz vocal including professional performance and training. I am able to complement a group, or add my unique sultry and smoky tone to help your project stand out.

Education and Experience: 4 years private vocal training, 3 years under Dawn Pemberton with Roots N’ Wings Women’s Choir, 20+ years singer-songwriter, 2+ years music producer including vocal production

Vocal Tone and Range: I generally am most comfortable in the mezzo or 2nd soprano range, but can also comfortably sing in the alto range. My voice has been described as “chocolatey”, sultry, warm and familiar. I have a strong history in jazz, but years as a folk artist have left a subtle twang in places. I have been compared to Doris Day and Ilene Woods, as well as early Madonna. Examples of my vocal and performance range can be found in various duet style videos posted on my YouTube channel.

Rates: $125/song (negotiable for a series of tracks or project rate).